A Great 40th Reunion






Few would think we'd been apart for fourty years; there were the same old jokes, the same old stories and the same old good-time partiers pushing for just one more dance. You can believe we won't wait another fourty years to do it all again.

The organizing committee (Wendy, Cheryl, Eleanor and Sandi) would like to thank those who put in an extra effort to make it all happen: Shirley, Grace, Sandy, Charlotte, Susie, Margo, Kathy, Joe, Tom, Lorne and Eric. And thanks to our musical trio: Jerry-Lynn, Cheryl and Robert.A special thanks to Donna Robinson for being our mystery guest. Congratulations to Jerry-Lynn for identifying her and to Ron Markert for winning the 'famous-by-association' contest...which of course was Wendy Weber Denbigh whose niece is married to Vince Vaughn. And congrats to Robert Budd who won the 'identify those students' contest, hands down. Jim(my) Williams also recieved a gift basket for being the 'farthest travelled guest' along with his wife, Rose (a lovely Rose too!).
Pat Adams, Ron Andrews, Linda Christofferson Appleby, Lynda Brown, Robert Budd, Jerry-Lynn Deans Burden, Jack Carlson, Kathy Wellman Carry, Keith Comstock, Linda McNiven Daniells, Eleanor Sokvitne Decker, Wendy Weber Denbigh, Sharon Munro Fuller, Jack Fulton, Sandy Christie Fulton, Rick Geschwendt, Ian Godkin, Alan Gorzitza, Darwin House, Karl Ivarson, Wendy McFarland Johnson, Barry Jones, Lynn Scobie Jordan, Grace Bjornson Klitmoller, Roy Knive, Shirley L’Ecuyer Koole, Tom Kool, Juanita Hartung Koster, Brenda Magneson Lainof, Laverne Lebsack, Ron Markert, Susie Boutland Marshman, Gail Hagg McDonald, Eric McKay, Donna Wark McRae, Bev McWilliam Miller, Duane Mix, Keith Mueller, Lee Pence Mueller, Cheryl Wickstrom Mueller, Charlotte Gooch Nelson, Neil Northcott, Susan Christensen Peters, Bob Priebe, Suzanne Randle DePaoli, Jack Richardson, Doug Rozander, Penny Hilz Rushfeldt, Greg Scott, Sandra Haga Scott, Kay Giles Slemko, Lyle Smith, Eleanor Hummel Smith, Margo Fisher Ully, Gordon Vooys, Terrill Warren, Karen Mulhall Weiss, Judy Perley West, Jim Williams, Edna Gerding Wilson, Johanna Vanbussel Wing, Susan Gerding Zavislake